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  1. Esther Marie Pearce
    Esther Marie Pearce Josh
    I am looking forward to my first hedgehog. The breeder I contacted said their season is June July time frame. Do hedgehog have a season like cats and dogs. I assumed that they were more like rodents. Please clear this up for me. Thank you in advance.
  2. sophiehedgie
    full time hedgie mother part time hedgie obsesser ❤︎
  3. Maddixjsledge
    Hi I am Maddix. I have had Norman for 5wks and I spend QT DAILY. I am looking for some advice on helping him warm up to me?
  4. Cheryl Matthews
    Cheryl Matthews
    Handled my hedgehog for the first time last night and she is so tame and friendly. I can't wait to hold her again.
  5. reyli
    reyli Hedgehog In A Blog
    I would like to be put on the waitig list to adopt a hedgehog
  6. Cloud Hedgehogs
    Cloud Hedgehogs
    Thinking about the hedgehog babies that are on their way!
  7. blue star hedgies
    blue star hedgies
    I currently have 2 hedgies, Spike-male DOB 5/2/14 & Peanut-female DOB 7/4/14
  8. blue star hedgies
    blue star hedgies Patrick
    Thank you for adding me!
  9. Hedgehog In A Blog
    Hedgehog In A Blog
    Starting the fall quarter! Contact me to be put on the waiting list!
  10. Susan
    Visit our website at: TopQualityHedgehogs.com!
  11. Josh
    Hello Hedgehog Keepers!
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  12. alan
    hello hedgehog lover here i have three and some babies
  13. Chester Hedgington
    Chester Hedgington
    Hey everybody! I'm Chester!
  14. chili_thunder
    Hello my name is Chili Thunder. My hogmom is Brandy. I love cat food, running on my wheel, and sleeping in my snuggle sack.
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